Privacy Policy updates to Revolut clash with their principles

Revolut is an e-money app which has become popular in Europe especially in Malta. If you are a Revolut user, please read the information in this post.

Revolut users have recently received an email explaining some changes to the Revolut privacy policy. That email states that they will begin sharing your personal information to companies like Google and Facebook. Revolut collects information such as your Name, Date of Birth and Address as well as all your personal contacts, videos, photos and information about who you send money to and from and your location and the places you go. Although Revolut clearly states in their privacy policy that they will never sell your information, this promise will change in two weeks time. If you do not like this, there is an option to disable the sharing of your information from within the app. To do this, please review the privacy settings in your app. The entire Revolut email is pasted below.

We’d like to let you know about some updates we’re making to our privacy policy and cookies policy. The updates will go live on the 12th of November 2019. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team through the in-app chat.

We’re updating our privacy policy to include information about how your personal data is shared with:

(i) credit bureaus, to help us better assess your financial circumstances (to opt-out of sharing this data, please reach out to our support team via the in-app chat); and

(ii) social media and analytics companies, for marketing purposes (to opt-out of sharing this data, please use the toggle under ‘Privacy’ in your dashboard settings). Make sure you update your Revolut app to version 6.15 through the App Store to be able to use the toggle.

The updated privacy policy can be found here.

We’re also updating our cookies policy to set out more detail about what cookies we use and to make it easier for you to manage your cookie preferences or opt-out if you want to. The updated cookies policy can be found here.

Have a great day.

Team Revolut