Nine million Easyjet customers hacked

Have you ever flown Easyjet? If yes then you are probably one of the 9 million people that has been hacked. To make matters worse, you might be one of the 2,208 customers who had their credit cards details “accessed”. The information that the hackers have is the same information you have supplied to Easyjet to make a booking and that includes full name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, passport number, nationality, medical conditions, and other personal information.

In a statement Easyjet said “We take issues of security extremely seriously”, yet Easyjet knew about this hack for five months and said nothing. The only way to be safe from these kinds of attacks is to assume that hackers and fraudsters already have access to your personal information. Always monitor your credit card activity and be wary of potential phishing and fraudulent scams that may use your identity.