Lies, Spies and Disguises on Google/Samsung Cameras

Cybercriminals can spy on you because of vulnerabilities in the Google Camera and Samsung Camera applications on Android Smartphones. They can also take remote control of your phone and take pictures and videos.

What happens is that cybercriminals create malicious applications and put them on the Google Play Store. Once installed, the malicious app would request basic storage access. If given the access, the cybercriminal would be able to infiltrate the mobile and manipulate the camera applications without alerting the user, thus allowing them to see the user via the camera and listen in via the microphone. Even worse, the infiltrators can also track the users by obtaining their GPS data. Even the user’s SD card is compromised.

To protect yourself against this, always make sure you have the latest operating system and updates installed. Be wary of downloading and installing new applications on your mobile and check the permissions enabled on your mobile very carefully. Be sure to keep your Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) option locked. If you suspect that your phone has been hacked, get it completely reset.