Juice Jacking hits Mobiles hard

Protect yourself from Juice Jacking with a USB Condom.

Juice Jacking is a technique used by cyber criminals that can compromise your mobile phone when you use a public charging port. These public charging ports are normally found in airports, waiting rooms and other public places. Cyber criminals hack these charging ports, which in turn install malware on to your phone. This malware will allow an attacker to steal data, which includes passwords and other personal details.

The USB Condom is a dongle with protection software embedded on it. It is attached to the recharging cable, which is connected to your mobile. While attached, it disables the connector’s data pins, setting the cable so only power can flow through it, allowing for safe recharging from untrusted USB ports.

There are other ways to protect yourself. You may wish to avoid using a public port altogether and fully power your mobile at home before you go out. Alternatively you can recharge your mobile via an AC outlet with the right adapter. For long trips you can bring portable batteries with you. In the event you need to use a public port, if your phone asks you if you trust the device, make sure it is a device you trust and not a public port.