Managed Services

As a managed service provider, we handle your IT needs remotely at a significantly lower cost than what you would pay for your own IT department or in-house consultant.

What you get is a group of knowledgeable professionals who will work to maintain your infrastructure needs as well as develop and maintain a perpetually evolving strategic plan to ensure your infrastructure, systems, and security are well monitored, maintained, and supported.

Rather than paying each time you have a problem with a part of your systems, we charge a flat rate per month per device or per service. This type of plan provides you with unlimited technical support at a fixed cost. An added benefit is an incentive for us to maintain your systems in top-notch condition and take preventive measures in order to help mitigate downtime, which under such a plan also saves us (as well as you) time, and therefore costs as well, the savings of which we pass on to you.

Below is a table of our published standard monthly rates on a per device/service basis for the most common device and service types. If your device does not appear on the list below, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more detailed pricing.

Product or Service Supported

Rate for each (€)

Server Support (Linux) 38.00/mo
Server Support (Windows) 94.00/mo
Workstation Support (Windows) 19.00/mo
Workstation Security (Windows) 5.00/mo
Printer 13.00/mo
Network Switch 10.00/mo
Firewall 10.00/mo
Internet Modem 6.00/mo
WiFi Access Point 6.00/mo
VPN Server / Site 9.00/mo
VPN Client 5.00/mo
IP (SIP) Phone 5.00/mo
MS-Office Business Standard Support 8.00/mo
MS-Office Visio Support 5.00/mo