IT Consultancy and Advisory

Many years in the software industry put JerSquared in a very good position to offer consultancy services to our clients. The main areas of focus for us are:

  • Project and Risk Management
  • Security auditing and training
  • Solving business problems using technology
  • Analysis and design of software systems
  • Transformation of business ideas into working prototypes

Project and Risk Management

JerSquared managed projects keep a very strict balance between features, time, cost and quality. Our projects never compromise on time, cost and quality. This means that you will get the product ready on time, within budget and with the right quality characteristics.

When finishing within time and budget does not appear possible, we will work very close with you to trim the required features so that they fit into the next increment.

To further reduce the risk of compromising on features, we give particular importance to risk management. Our experience allows us to foresee common pitfalls and work around them. We plan meticulously to remove as many unknowns as possible.

Security Auditing and Training

Central to our IT strategy is a strong security mindset which influences all our decisions, from strategy and design to implementation and testing. Our software is strong, our databases encrypted, redundancy is built-in and backups are safe.

We also perform penetration testing against your domains, in order to check their vulnerabilities from the outside. As part of our services we also offer internal penetration testing and advice on how to solve the security risks that we identify.

Further to this, we deliver a popular and successful security awareness training programme which is suited to all employees across the board.

Solving Business Problems Using Technology
Analysis and Design of Software Systems
Transformation of Business Ideas Into Working Prototypes