Custom Software Development


JerSquared develops software for many industries including applications in the financial, telecommunication and education fields. All our software development projects follow an agile methodology which aim to deliver the most important business benefits in the shortest time possible.


JerSquared takes an incremental-iterative approach to the software development process. What does this mean?

An iteration is a complete development cycle (analyse, design, develop, test, deploy.) Our iterations are fast, typically one or two weeks. At the end of an iteration you are given a working product.

An increment is where we add more features to the product. At the first increment, your product will only have the absolute minimal set of requirements. The second increment will be closer to what you originally wanted, the third even more so, and so on.

Programming Languages

Our engineers have experience with C, C++, .NET, JAVA, PHP and full-stack Javascript. We firmly believe in the right tool for the right job and we frequently see projects that use different programming languages for different components.


Target Platforms

We know how to develop and deploy software to many different devices including Windows, Ubuntu, Android and iOS. We also have experience with Cloud Platforms such a the Google, Amazon and Microsoft Clouds

Enterprise Ready

We regularly use industry-tested tools and software as part of our development strategy. We develop with all major databases (Microsoft SQL Server, Google Datastore, MongoDB). We have experience with all the major software platforms such as ASP.NET, Node/Express and NGINX and use the latest software development tools such as git and npm.

We are also experts in the bleeding edge technologies such as Bootstrap, AngularJS and the Ionic/PhoneGap/Cordova framework.