Uploadr Enterprise is a secure self-hosted file sharing platform used by companies that need to exchange confidential files amongst themselves and their customers.

The platform is ideally suited for companies in the legal, financial and medical fields, where exchanging sensitive information is frequent and risky.

What It Has To Offer

  • Share files easily and securely amongst each other and your customers.
  • Self-hosted on your own site and on the hardware you choose or hosted by us.
  • Share very large files which cannot be sent via email attachments.
  • Full email integration for uploading, downloading and sharing files.
  • Customizable URL (e.g. https://files.mycompany.com)
  • Customizable logo and email templates.
  • Works on all mobile phones.


UploadR Enterprise takes security very seriously, and boasts security features such as:

  • Two Factor Authentication for device recognition
  • Advanced account lockout features
  • Communication is always encrypted using HTTPS
  • Confidential files are optionally protected with a PIN code
  • The file can be downloaded a configurable number of times
  • Files can automatically expire
  • Can be self-hosted
  • All files can be centrally scanned for viruses
  • All file activity is logged for auditing purposes

As Simple As It Gets

  1. Drag and drop your files into UploadR
  2. Enter the recipient’s email address
  3. Recipient receives download instructions

Want More?

UploadR Enterprise boasts even more features such as:

  • Confidential files can be protected with a 4-digit PIN code. This code is sent to the recipient automatically via SMS or voice call.
  • Email notifications can be sent to the sender when the file is downloaded or the link expires.
  • Landing page, landing URL and email templates are fully configurable and can be branded with your company logo.
  • No extra charges for disk quotas and no bandwidth limits.