Hidden costs in Free File sharing services

File sharing services like Dropbox and WeTransfer help us share large files with each other. Those services are used because the files are too numerous and large to be transferred via email. Many of these free services come at a hidden cost, for their usage. For example if you read the Terms of Services of WeTransfer, you will find clauses such as this:

“You agree and acknowledge that by using the Services, you grant us an unlimited, worldwide, royalty-free license to (i) use, host, store, scan, search, sort, index, create previews and (ii) reproduce, communicate, publish, publicly display, distribute and edit (including but not limited to scaling, cropping, adapting and translating) the Content.”

As far as we know, WeTransfer have never abused this license, but are you comfortable with providing them such power over your data? As for Dropbox, their terms state that they share information about your file information to promote their services, although you have full control and access to your data.

In light of these observations, uploading your personal content to file hosting sites is questionable. But uploading sensitive files from your company should be outright banned.

This why we wrote uploadR which a bit like WeTransfer and Dropbox, but allows you to exchange files from your own server. The security measures include encryption, 2-Factor Authentication, virus scanning and activity logging. There is no limit to bandwidth or the number of people a link can be shared. The application can be customised to suit the organisation’s needs. Use that plus additional features and you’re good to go.

More information on uploadR Enterprise is here: https://new.jersquared.com/products/uploadr#main