Nine million Easyjet customers hacked

Have you ever flown Easyjet? If yes then you are probably one of the 9 million people that has been hacked. To make matters worse, you might be one of the 2,208 customers who had their credit cards details “accessed”. The information that the hackers have is the same information you have supplied to Easyjet … Continued

Larry Tesler 1945 – 2020

Today marks the death of renowned computer scientist Larry Tesler aged 74. In the 1960s, Larry worked in Silicon Valley where he came up with the commands to find & replace, cut, copy and paste data, simplifying the use of computers and revolutionising the technology. These commands were first tried on Apple computers in 1983 … Continued

E-Card Cyber Attacks on Valentine’s Day

Cyber security researchers always notice a spike in viral infections and scams around Valentine’s day. This is due to the prevailance of Valentine’s e-cards from secret admirers. If you receive an email similar to the one in the picture, do not click on the links and do not open any attachments, because there’s a big … Continued

Lies, Spies and Disguises on Google/Samsung Cameras

Cybercriminals can spy on you because of vulnerabilities in the Google Camera and Samsung Camera applications on Android Smartphones. They can also take remote control of your phone and take pictures and videos. What happens is that cybercriminals create malicious applications and put them on the Google Play Store. Once installed, the malicious app would … Continued

Juice Jacking hits Mobiles hard

Protect yourself from Juice Jacking with a USB Condom. Juice Jacking is a technique used by cyber criminals that can compromise your mobile phone when you use a public charging port. These public charging ports are normally found in airports, waiting rooms and other public places. Cyber criminals hack these charging ports, which in turn … Continued

Privacy Breach on Facebook iOS app v246

Facebook is a social media that needs no explanation. On November 8th, Facebook updated their iOS app from version 244 to v246. However a number of iPhone users have found out that their Facebook application is tapping into their camera while they browse images and videos in the social network. While this issue has been … Continued

Hidden costs in Free File sharing services

File sharing services like Dropbox and WeTransfer help us share large files with each other. Those services are used because the files are too numerous and large to be transferred via email. Many of these free services come at a hidden cost, for their usage. For example if you read the Terms of Services of … Continued

Privacy Policy updates to Revolut clash with their principles

Revolut is an e-money app which has become popular in Europe especially in Malta. If you are a Revolut user, please read the information in this post. Revolut users have recently received an email explaining some changes to the Revolut privacy policy. That email states that they will begin sharing your personal information to companies … Continued

Drive-by-Download attacks

A drive-by-download attack happens when a user visits a website, which installs malware without requiring any interaction on their part. A drive-by attacker will embed malicious code on a website. Upon entering the website, the malware will scan your PC for vulnerabilities then implant an exploit kit inside it. More often than not, the website … Continued